SNCF asked us
to imagine the design
of their future timetables.

We came out with
a great idea: not just “time sheets” on flat screens anymore,
but an appealing
and informative user experience.
SNCF Transilien
SNCF Transilien
SNCF Transilien
SNCF Transilien
This project was a big challenge: we were asked to imagine how the near future timetables would look like. SNCF wanted to test equipments that (in a near future) will be aboard all trains. The testing hardware was based on a big horizontal flat display made of four 10.2” LCD monitors. The challenge was to imagine a new interface, adapted to the huge screen estate. It had to be more animated, interactive, human and friendly. We came out with an innovative idea: to use each LCD display either as an independent surface or as a whole, according to situations and needs.

Another nice thing was that we thought of adding a third dimension to the timetables’ design. The departure is closer to the screen/viewer while the destination is laying far on the right side, on a different z-depth layer. As the train starts, the graphics begin to slowly slide horizontally too (from right to left). During the journey, the four LCDs show different kind of information: next stations, weather conditions, problems on the line (if any)… The background color reflects the daytime and weather conditions: if you travel early in the morning the background is a pale blue, if you get on the train at 7pm on a beautiful day, you’ll have a typical sunset color palette.

Our idea was to establish a strong connection between the train, the passenger and the information displayed on the timetables. Not just “time sheets” on a flat screen anymore, but an appealing and informative user experience.

Interactive timetables displays

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